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Renting an Iphone 2014/4/24 05:36
I am aware of all the available options of obtaining network access in Japan and the plethora of posts on the matter so not asking about that exactly. I feel extremely dumb for asking this all the same, but I'm not finding an answer to this particular one. If I rent an iphone for my trip, I assume it comes factory reset. So how do you get apps onto it as I'm thinking my regular account wouldn't work in Japan, or does it? So sorry, just can't quite get this figured out in my mind. TIA for any pointers.
by Carenza  

Re: Renting an Iphone 2014/4/24 10:22
You can use your regular itunes account to download apps to the phone. Basically you'll be limited to the country's store that is matches where your home itunes account is from (for example, if you have a US itunes account you can access the US itunes store)
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Re: Renting an Iphone 2014/4/25 03:02
Ah okay. Thank you for clarifying!
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