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Why doesn't JE promote overseas? 2014/4/28 17:43
I just coriuos about that. I dont really like kpop but in my country kpop is a huge, but there's a lot jpop fans too. I just wanna ask your opinion why Johnny's entertainment seems doesn't want to promote overseas like kpop?
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Re: Why doesn't JE promote overseas? 2014/4/28 20:23
Japan have a huge market in Japan, but Korea, so KPOP develop overseas market actively.
This is not only limited to music.
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Re: Why doesn't JE promote overseas? 2014/4/28 22:41
As mentioned, Johnny's entertainment already has a huge enough fan base here in Japan and making loads of money.

On the other hand, it will force them time and money to promote for something new in a different language. It's not worth it when there is no need to.

Meanwhile, a great number of Japanese indie artists are promoting for overseas, and many are even successful there than here.

Additionally, there are people like Ryuichi Sakamoto or Tomoyasu Hotei who were aleady rich and famous enough in Japan, but prefer to work overseas just because they feel comfortable there, and they also have the freedom to do so without a "Johnny-san" making the rules.

By the way, Johnny-san is a Japanes-American, yet he chose to do business in Japan. There must be reasons for him to prefer it that way.
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Re: Why doesn't JE promote overseas? 2014/5/14 14:09
Korea has a national policy to promote export of entertainment contents. Its Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is spending a large budget to promote K-Pop, TV dramas, etc. to overseas and it has seen some results.
The Japanese govt has also started promoting "Cool Japan" and set up govt organizations so you might see JE contents promoted in the future.
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