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another pocket Wifi question 2014/5/6 09:26
Sorry for asking again about renting pocket wifi,
I'll be in Japan for 3 months and I'm looking for the best option for internet. I've looked in some sites like globaladvancedcomm but their pocket wifi have a data usage limit.
Do you guys know somewhere where I can get a pocket wifi with unlimited data?

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Re: another pocket Wifi question 2014/5/7 11:35
I've been looking into this too, and it seems that the rental agencies that use e-mobile (basically all of them) have a data cap of 10gb per month afterwhich you are throttled to something like 150-200kbps. For one or two people this should be more than enough for regular usage, but if you are a larger group you may need something more.
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Re: another pocket Wifi question 2014/5/13 21:51
As far as I know there are some companies offering unlimited Internet via MIFI rentals, but indeed there is a fair use policy in place, after consuming more than X Gb. You should use rent-wifi.com, it's a directory where you can compare offers for MiFi rentals in Japan and other countries.
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Re: another pocket Wifi question 2014/5/14 03:27
I've booked a mobile wifi service from japan-wireless.com based on online reviews on other threads (see http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g294232-i525-k5938632-Has_anyon...).

I haven't started my trip yet so can't comment on the service, will give you an update in about four weeks!
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