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Just to say thankyou! 2014/5/8 18:52
This is not a question - but we needed to find a way to say thankyou to all the posters on this site for their knowledge and information which made our recent 18 day trip to Japan the most wonderful experience. So glad we listened to previous posters about how easy it was to get around Japan and diced the formal tour to do our own thing (with a lot of pre-planning and help)What stays at the forefront of our memories is not just the breathtaking Sakura and scenery, but the overwhelming kindness and generosity of the Japanese people. We will be back!!
by Paddi  

Re: Just to say thankyou! 2014/5/8 21:27
Hey there

Ifm happy to hear you had a great time in Japan and this forum helped you. Yes the people who live in Japan are very nice and the country has a perfect balance mix with city, culture, and nature.

Ifm very happy to see someone who returns back from Japan post an update for us on how there trip went.

Thank you
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Re: Just to say thankyou! 2014/5/8 21:56
To keep you happy further SeikoSKO, here's one more "Thank you" to the people of Japan. My wife and I had a wonderful 10 days in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and we returned to India just a couple of weeks ago. To be frank, the massive construction--buildings/flyovers etc--did make us feel a little claustrophobic. Our hotel room, especially in Tokyo, was too small for comfort. But then again, when space is at a premium, one has to brace for such an eventuality. We soon forgot all those problems thanks to the warmth of feeling we received from every Japanese--man, woman and child. I have been telling my friends in India that the other name of Japan is "Courtesy" with a capital "C". Thank you Japan!
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Re: Just to say thankyou! 2014/5/10 03:06
Hey Balan

Japan is amazing and the balance of the city, culture and nature of perfect, I got to experience it during December 2012 into January; there wasnft a lot of tourist so I got to see a lot more. I agree with you, the hotel room is small but I didnft care too much, I read it about online so when I saw it firsthand I found it really cool.

The people are really nice some try to go out of their way to help you. What I found very funny is that some people in Japan are little embarrassed by their English. When I lost my phone in Japan me and the security guy at Tokyo station had a super hard time communicating with each other, but somehow we did it. In second at the lost and found room his English was good, he help me filled out the form and translate everything in English and Japanese back and forth with the Clark behind the desk (I wish him well and good health)

I hope one day I can stay in Japan for 6 month and I am looking forward to next year going back to Japan.
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Re: Just to say thankyou! 2014/5/10 04:52
How nice! I had a great time too in Japan and planning to go back. Went there twice for a month. Like you guys said the people are very generous. I got lost a few time and people were extremely nice to help me find my way around. :) It's a very lovely place. people, food, scenery, culture, and etc. Plus a nice getaway from the cold New England during the spring.
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