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Describing seasons? 2014/5/11 08:06
Today my class talked about seasons. To me I always think of winter as cold, spring as rainy, summer as hot, and autumn as windy. I am originally from east coast so often times in spring it would flood from so much rain!

Most of my students related except that rainy is beginning of summer because of typhoon season.

How else would you describe Japanese spring? The students just kept saying "It is a good time to travel." No real description. Even when looking online all I find is that it is mild and again.. good to travel. Lol.

I saw that rainfall in spring is pretty low so I am trying to think of other things.
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Re: Describing seasons? 2014/5/11 22:03
Cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms happen in the spring.
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Re: Describing seasons? 2014/5/11 23:02
I'm not sure which "east coast" of the planet you are from, but your description of the seasons sound very American (U.S.).

In Japan, the stereotype for each season is cold and dry winter, blossoming spring, hot and rainy summer, and mild and leaves-falling autumn, but of course, that depends on the region, even within Japan. Spring can also be very windy here in Japan. Look up "haru-ichiban."
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Re: Describing seasons? 2014/5/12 04:52
Thank you all. Thank you Uco! I will use something related to flowers for spring. :)
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Re: Describing seasons? 2014/5/13 05:23
Haiku kigo tells what people associate with different seasons.
Too bad that Hotaru(firefly) is omitted for the summer. My village had them flying when I was a child but not anymore whereas you still have them in NJ where we lived.
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Re: Describing seasons? 2014/5/13 20:55
i would like to know myself, what country are you from. after reading your statment. i swear your from the US but by your name it seem llike your from Japan.

i was laughing hard at Uco comment.
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