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Buying a used car in Japan 2014/5/11 18:25
Hi there,
Me and a friend are looking at traveling to Japan from New Zealand for about 2-3 weeks. We were hoping to buy a used car in that time and drive it round in Japan while we're there. Before arranging to export back to New Zealand. Is it possible for a non resident to buy, drive and then de register the car for export?. I've imported 2 vehicles to NZ through online auctions. But would love the chance to go purchase a car myself.
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Re: Buying a used car in Japan 2014/5/12 15:58
You need to proof you have a place to park a car when you register the vehicle.
You can buy a car without showing a permanent parking certificate but your vehicle will not be registered(=No number plate = Unable to drive on road).
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Re: Buying a used car in Japan 2014/5/14 00:07
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Re: Buying a used car in Japan 2014/5/14 13:47
Not realistic. You need an address in Japan and the parking certificate (this doesn't have to be your land but you need to contract a parking lot and get the certificate that the parking lot owner is letting you use that place; the parking lot I contract with asked my for 3 month advance payment, too). And the regstration process will take at least a week under normal conditions anyway.
I suggest you rent a car to do the tour and buy your car for export separately. I think its the only way it can be done.
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