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Kuzukiri 2014/5/13 05:44
Hello there,

Can anyone tell me where can I buy or find くずきり? I've eaten it while I was in Japan. I really love it. The second time I visit, I couldn't find any or know where to find it. Ah yes, I was in the Kansai area.

Thank you :)
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Re: Kuzukiri 2014/5/13 13:13
You can be found in the food section of major Department stores such as Hankyu, Daimaru and Takashimaya.
Alternatively, you can be found at Japanese sweets "Wagashi" shops during summer season(May-Sep). Kuzukiri is a typical summer sweet and desert.

"Anmitsu" is a slightly similar sweet served throughout a year in/out of Japan. You can probably find "Anmitsu" at Japanese restaurants where serves desserts.
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Re: Kuzukiri 2014/5/14 00:25
I would advice you to go and ask at "depachika": the basement floor of the department store.

Or go to the follwing stores:

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Re: Kuzukiri 2014/5/14 13:01
Thank you so much for the information's :)

I've ate Anmitsu many times. I like this dessert too. It's very easy for me to find :)
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