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Knee salvae? 2014/5/14 14:21
I saw this interesting episode of Begin Japanology lately about Hotels, where a lady was working a lot on her knees. Every day she put some salvae or something on the knees, probably to make them withstand her working position. Not sure if this is really the case but might as well ask away if there might be any secret in maintaining healthy knees in Japan.

As far as I know people in Japan sit and move a lot on the knees, at least in early days. Correct me if I am wrong.

So is there any way? I myself who is very tall try to ease my back by not leaning down too much at work (elderly care) and tend to drop on my knees a lot. Knee pads could of course be an option but I have yet to find some that are not making it hard to move like usual.
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Re: Knee salvae? 2014/5/21 09:52
People don't really walk or move on knees at all, unless maybe on tatami (or you forgot something in your house and already have your shoes on!), but knee problems of course exist. I don't know about any kind of salve, but there are several types for sale, for example, ones that feel hot or cold to ease pain or muscle ache. Of course there are also medical massages and acupuncture you can get for knee pain. But if there is some sort of secret, I wish someone'd tell me about it! I could use it too!
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