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Grape Sweets (Budou Ame) 2014/5/16 01:51

I was just in Morioka and found a fantastic traditional sweets shop and brought home some really great candies. Now I wish I knew what they were made from.

My favorite was this firm gummy/jelly candy. The wrapper called it ぶどう飴.

I understand that it is grape flavor but what is the gummy/jelly candy? What is this called?

Here is an image I was able to find online of what it is I am talking about.


Any information about this kind of candy, how it's made would be amazing.

Thank you for your time and help,

by Mark G (guest)  

Re: Grape Sweets (Budou Ame) 2014/5/16 15:02
sugar, starch syrup, and agar are dissolved (in water ?) and are concentrated by heat. Add fruit juice of 山ブドウ(wild grape fruit). Cool down to solidify. cut into a suitable size, and dry slowly.
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