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Buying HP laptop in japan 2014/5/16 02:23

I am Srinivas and live in India. I am visiting Japan shortly and was planning to buy a laptop there. The model is HP ENVY 15 j131TX
So , I wanted to ask whether I can buy it with English OS and English keyboard. If I buy japanese OS will it be problem and whether local shops will have English keyboard and about warranty?
by Srinivas Rao  

Re: Buying HP laptop in japan 2014/5/16 10:41
Check the price in India befofe you buy in japan. I think os should b in Englisb only. Or you may ask for this.I live in Indonesia and here I find OS in english only.For Keyboard , you can ask for an english one.
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Re: Buying HP laptop in japan 2014/5/16 15:30
HP ENVY 15 j131TX is Japan model, sold by HP directplus. the web says OS is windows8.1 and keyboard is probably a Japanese type. the warranty might be limited in Japan.
you may contact here.
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Re: Buying HP laptop in japan 2014/5/16 18:58
Thank you ken for answering but the link you posted asks for telephone number and I provided my country's residence number. Also, they do not call on weekends and I am running out of time. Are you sure that the warranty is only valid in Japan and can something be done to extend it to international? Could you please help me out as I do not know japanese and their website is full of it. Also how much time will delivery take if ordered online? If I want to buy it from retail store are there hp official retail stores in Tokyo?
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Re: Buying HP laptop in japan 2014/5/16 20:38
HP is not a Japanese company,but US company. I think it is better to buy a similar one from US.
if you fill your questions in a comment form, I think they will answer you by e-mail.

here is the same one in your country.
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