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Dealing with coins 2014/5/18 19:16
How does everyone else deal with coins?

I try to pay via Suica or a debit card whenever possible, but still find myself with a fair bit of them at the end of each week... =(
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Re: Dealing with coins 2014/5/19 08:37
At shops I try to use coins as much as possible, but they still accumulate.

So, I put them in a box on my shelf. By now, I have two small boxes full of small change.
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Re: Dealing with coins 2014/5/19 08:54
I try to use them as much as possible. For instance, if the total comes to 1,723 yen then I will use a 1000yen note and the rest in cash. While the clerk is packing my purchase, I put the coins by denomination on the tray so it's easy to count. No time is wasted this way.

I also do my own laundry at the hotel, so I use 100 and 20yen coins.

Do I still end up with extra at the end of the trip, yes. I usually dump them in the Tohoku Relief bin at Narita when I leave. I may keep a few 5 and 50yen coins to give to acquaintances at work since they're different than US coins.
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Re: Dealing with coins 2014/5/20 18:12
do the math in your head whenever you are paying.

10 yen coins and higher denominations are OK since you can use or 'upgrade' them at vending machines or ATMs.

The main issue is with 1 and 5 yen coins.

Where possible, pay with 1 yen coins. If you get a bill ending with, say 8 yen and you don't have enough 1 yens, give 3 yen instead. you will end up getting back a 5 yen coin in exchange for 3 x 1 yen coins.

I keep a coin sorter and always bring out the denomination that is piling up the most, plus a few 1 and 5 yens.
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Re: Dealing with coins 2014/5/20 22:32
I hear you, before leaving Japan I was trying to give them away, because Japan is on the honor system, the people in the small shop wonft take any more than the amount. Shoot, they would take a lost than take more. I know I tired giving them more.
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Re: Dealing with coins 2014/5/31 14:16
Honestly, I used most of my "10" en coins for vending machines; anything above it would be used for any odd purchases. But I agree with spacedotworks,the "1" and "5" coins were near impossible to get rid of, and even now I have a coin purse stuffed with them.

The best advice I can give is to have a coin purse and use the coins whenever possible.
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Re: Dealing with coins 2014/6/3 10:40
If you're only buying a few items, trying to tally up the total cost mentally and "prepare" the loose change to give to the cashier.

Rid as much loose change as possible when you see no queues i.e. 1999 yen, i might give 1000 yen note, 500 yen coin, 4 * 100 yen coins, 9 * 1 yen coins (or 5 yen coin + 4 * 1 yen). Oh noooo... the cashiers must hate me! =(

I try to avoid holding up the queue to rid my loose change unless i'm at the airport and leaving.
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Re: Dealing with coins 2014/6/3 10:41
try not trying... lol
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