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NTT Free Wifi 2014/5/18 21:33
Is it available to get at narita airport?
by Buddy (guest)  

Re: NTT Free Wifi 2014/6/2 12:58
Narita has their own free wifi network that is available to use.

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Re: NTT Free Wifi 2014/6/2 18:11
Since my Q is relevant to the thread title, anyone used this service before?
Hows the coverage especially on the streets adjacent to the wifi hotspots? are the signal strong, or we need to enter the buildings?

Hope responses can at least list which city you have tested.
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Re: NTT Free Wifi 2014/6/3 22:38
Hello buddy,

Here os the webpage


According to ot you can get it in Narita from 12:00 to 20:00

In the page it says you can also register by downloading an app... That is what I will be doing as my flight will arrive at 7:00 in the morning
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