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tokyo flea markets 2014/5/19 01:18
we will stay in tokyo from 22 - 27 may 2014
would there will be any flea markets in tokyo on that days, especially on sat. or sunday
thank you
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Re: tokyo flea markets 2014/5/19 18:12
It is in Meiji Park on May 24.
10:00 to 15:00, 600 stores
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Re: tokyo flea markets 2014/5/19 22:48
Akasaka Flea Market will be held on May 25.


Other flea markets are held at the following place:
Oomori Bell Port
Oi Keibajo
Yoyogi Koen
Sinjuku Mitsui Building
Akihabara UDX
Cross Garden Tama
Harumi 5 Cho-me
Meiji Park

You can get flea market info from the following pages:

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Re: tokyo flea markets 2014/5/23 19:09
Tokyo Eye did a special on this a while back I believe.


I also remember a trash/treasure market in ueno park and akihabara but cannot remember the days
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Re: tokyo flea markets 2014/5/24 00:27
In Japan, the flea market, there are two meanings antique market and the sense that the market for used goods.
I wrote it is a market of used goods. (I can buy cheap clothes, etc.)
More antique market is often referred to as kottou-ichi(sj in Japan.
If you have written or want to go to either, what do you want to buy, it is easy to introduce.
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