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Laws on possibly unpaid Rakuten order? 2014/5/20 07:55
Hi everyone,

I lived in Japan for a couple of years. Before I left to come back to my home country, I bought a couple of cooking ingredients from the website to be delivered at home for my old roommate. After coming back, that same roommate told me that they had tried to get in touch with me for that order that had been delivered but not paid. I was under the impression that it had been paid by credit card, but cannot be 100% sure.

Since I wanted to clarify things, I asked my old roommate to give them my email and home phone number to talk things over with them, but a response never came. I do not know if this is because things were finally accounted for, or if the problem is still there. The original order was around 4000 yen.

I am going back to Japan soon for a month, and wanted to know if anyone knew of ways through which I could check (embassy?), and if there are laws that could actually put me in trouble? It doesn't seem to fit my idea of Japanese law, but could this 4000 yen over two years have raised interest of astronomic proportions, and would it be possible that I get in trouble while going into the country because of those baking goods I had bought?

My worst fear would be to get arrested at the airport for said possibly unpaid cooking oats, but this comes from reading horror stories of people traveling to countries with quite different socio-historic and legal backgrounds.

Thank you for your help!
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Re: Laws on possibly unpaid Rakuten order? 2014/5/20 14:19
Ask your old room mate first.

Secondly, check your credit (card) bill. make sure 4,000 YEN was paid.

Thirdly, check the delivery record and invoice number, make sure the consignment is delivered.

I don't think any parcels will not be delivered before it's paid(unless it's post-paid delivery).
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