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textile shops in tokyo (ikebukuro) 2014/5/24 14:02
May I know where I can find textile shops with kawaii prints in Tokyo? Near Ikebukuro if possible? Thanks! :)
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Re: textile shops in tokyo (ikebukuro) 2014/5/24 17:42
The street leading away from the east side of Nippori station has a number of fabric shops.
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Re: textile shops in tokyo (ikebukuro) 2014/5/24 19:29
"100 IDEES"(not 100 Yen shop) is only the large hand crafts shop in Ikebukuro.
address: Seibu Department store, main BLDG 7th floor, South section B9.

If you can visit Ikebukuro, I recommend you to visit Shinjuku. There are two large hand crafts shops there.
address: 3-23-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku(near studio Alta)

"Yuzawaya Shinjuku"
Takashimaya Shinjuku Department Store 11th floor

There is another large hand crafts shop in Shibuya.
"TOA Shibuya"
1-19-3 Jingu, Shibuya

Some 100 Yen shops sell hand crafts material. Not sure about fabrics.
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Re: textile shops in tokyo (ikebukuro) 2014/5/24 19:55
I always stay in Ikebukuro and if I am short on time then Yuzawaya at Shinjuku as described above has plenty of kawaii fabric- in fact too much to choose from.

I have been to Nippori fabric town also and can recommend Tomato (something, can't member the exact name but you can't miss the large tomato)- again too much cute stuff to pick from- watch your luggage allowance I've found fabric can add up quick in the weight department.
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Re: textile shops in tokyo (ikebukuro) 2014/5/25 08:13
My wife is a quilter, and every time I go to Japan, I go to Nippori. I will repeat what others have said, go to "Fabric Town", or Nippori. It's just a six stations away from Ikebukuro on the Yamanote loop. Here is a link with pictures and a video:


You will need to spend some time at Tomato, which is five stories of textiles.

Here a a link with a map, so you can see how many textile stores there are:


I have had especially good luck finding fabric for my wife at Yasuda Shouten (#14) and Mihama Cloth (47). Yasuda Shouten is packed to the ceiling with fabric. I bought a lot of quilting fabric there, and purchased it by the Kilo (for the basic cotton prints, they didn't measure out each piece, they just put in on a scale). I found Yukata fabric in the traditional indigo blue style, and some contrasting fabic. My wife made me a Yukata and a Hapi Jacket.

If you look at the first link that has photos, I believe that Mihara fabric is photos 85-92. The fabric is precut into different sizes, from fat quarters to two or more meter cuts. If you are a quilter, and look at photo 86, you will see fat quarters for 100 yen, which should give you and idea of the bargans. (just go to Hancock or JoAnn Fabrics, and check out the prices for fat quarters).

The other notable mention is Yamayo, because it was well organized and easy to find stuff. It should be photos 34-46. The fat quarters (photo 46) were especially accessable.

If you are in Kyoto, and happen to go to the Inari Shrine, there is a small button shop just north of Inari Station.
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Re: textile shops in tokyo (ikebukuro) 2014/5/25 16:44
Oh my, thanks everyone for sharing! I am going with a huge empty luggage! ^.^
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Re: textile shops in tokyo (ikebukuro) 2014/5/25 20:55
I usually pack a cloth sports duffle bag in my luggage, and check in only one bag on the way to Japan. On the return, I check in two bags, and the duffle bag holds a lot of fabric.

I have also been bringing back a lot of pottery, and use the fabric to wrap it up for travel.

I do get some weird looks at customs when I declair that I have 50 meters of fabric. I once had to go off to the side and explain that I was not conducting buisness, and this was just enough fabric to keep my wife busy for a few months.

Good luck, and happy hunting!
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Re: textile shops in tokyo (ikebukuro) 2014/5/26 17:03
I always go to Nippori for my fabric since it's cheaper and there's plenty of selection. It'll take you 12 minutes on the Yamanote line from Ikebukuro.

The ground floor of Tomato's main store houses the cotton fabrics. They have plenty of kawaii prints by the meter. There's also a store opposite that has tons of cheap Japanese printed fabric upstairs. Don't know the name of it though. Sorry.

The store on the corner by Tomato has lots of pre cut packets of cute fabric in boxes outside the store. Can,t remember the name of that one either.

Yuzawaya in Shinjuku has quite a large selection of kawaii fabrics. I always try to get there when it opens at 10 otherwise the line to get fabric cut goes all around the store!

Don't bother with TOA in Shibuya. It has a few fat quarters outside in boxes but otherwise it's not worth the effort.

Hope that helps!
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