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How to properly eat chirashizushi/kaisendon 2014/5/25 02:29
I hope this doesn't come off as an odd question but I couldn't find any details in regards to this subject. Plus, it seems that lots of people outside of Japan, including myself, aren't exactly certain on how to eat kaisendon/ chirashizushi. As I've noticed there's the soy sauce and wasabi on the side, how do you properly use those condiments to eat the fish topping with the rice? Do you apply/smear wasabi on the fish, dip the fish into the soy and eat it with the rice by putting the fish piece on the rice before scooping both up with your chopsticks? I usually do all of that except the last part where I instead eat the rice and fish separately. It seems like a faux pas to drizzle the soy sauce over the rice with the fish on top. I'm probably going to get "just eat however the hell you want" comments from those who really don't know the etiquette but only comments regarding the etiquette from those with actual knowledge are appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: How to properly eat chirashizushi/kaisendon 2014/5/25 10:08
Most common are a) to mix wasabi with soya sauce and pour it over the sashimi or b) to take the sashimi piece, put some wasabi on, dip it into soy sauce and then eat it or put it back on the rice and eat it with some rice.

a) is much simpler than b). The advantage of b) is that some seafood types are better enjoyed with a condiment other than wasabi.

I recommend to eat it the way you personally like it the best. And if you are worried about etiquette, you can try to ask the restaurant staff how to eat it properly.
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Re: How to properly eat chirashizushi/kaisendon 2014/5/25 10:25
Above I am referring to kaisendon. In case of chirashizushi I think that the seafood pieces are usually too small to be individually picked up and there is no practical alternative to approach a).
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Re: How to properly eat chirashizushi/kaisendon 2014/5/25 18:55
Chirashizushi: Take a bit soy sauce on separate plate. Take a piece of Sashimi(called Otsukuri), take a bit of Wasabi on top of the piece of sashimi, dip in the plate, take back the sashimi to Chirashizushi box, take the sashimi(soy sauced) and rice together and eat.

Kaisendo: Kaisendon is simplified style donburi of Chirashizushi. You can do the same way as you do Chirashizushi. I guess majority of people just take soy sauce on top of donburi and eat or take soy sauce in separate plate(dish), mix with wasabi, then dip on top of donburi and eat.
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