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Sim card/wifi suggestion 2014/5/26 19:06
Good day ! From australia !
I am going to japan in 18th of June for 18 months (working holiday visa) + 3months (no visa) and 50/50 will be married and live in japan (Spouse Visa)

I am buying an new unlocked smartphone (Sony xperia z2)in australia, yes it will be capable with japan frequency or connection. Ill be taking this bad ass to japan.

I been researching online, going through countless Google search and forum's.

I know that if you want to get softbank prepaid sim card, you need an existing softbank phone or buy one from them, thats what i see on forums. So that sucks for me an my new smartphone.

Instead of softbank prepaid sim card ill get a sim cards from theses guys. http://www.mobell.co.jp/mobal/domestic-cell-phone/
81 yen a minute basically 10 cent a minute
and other ... rates.

I think this is better than going on prepaid with softbank. i know im not going to call much, LOL no friends in japan YET ! Its a hassle to buy a prepaid phone for the sim card.
Recharging your credit every 2 months (3000yen) will be a waste if you don't used it all up.

Has anyone tried mobell.co.jp before ? or using it at the moment ? what you think of it ?

For internet ill be using http://www.letinternetjp.com/en/wifi.html
30 days x 4months for 4250 yen a month.
Anyone used this before ? is it worth it ?

What you guys think of this ? Good or Bad ?
Should i buy my new phone or purchase one in japan, note that i want sony xperia z2 only and docomo is expensive (82 yen a month)https://www.mydocomo.com/onlineshop/products/smart_phone/SO03F.html?xc...

Thanks for reading please reply ! if you know anything about sim cards/pocket wifi or other website to suggest please do reply !

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Re: Sim card/wifi suggestion 2014/5/27 22:54
Is there a particular reason you don't want to buy a phone in Japan? It is going to be so much easier for you if you just wait and buy it here. If you're planning on staying long term anyway, a 2 year contract isn't going to be much different between any of the companies; I did the math once for softbank vs au and honestly there is very little difference. I'm sure, being one of the big three, docomo is the same. And if you are planning on a long-term stay, by the time you go back to your home country after 2 or whatever years, your new phone will probably be obsolete already anyway and you'll want a new one with a new contract.

Also, you don't want to buy a shiny new phone and then spend hours trying to get it to work, and if there's ever a problem, it is not a Japanese phone and therefore may be a hassle to get fixed or replaced (i.e. warranty is no Japanese so you have to send it home to get it fixed). So make 100% sure it can be used otherwise you may be disappointed and have to buy a new phone anyway!
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Re: Sim card/wifi suggestion 2014/5/28 09:43
Hello everyone. I am reaching Japan in August from India. Should I buy Yen here in India or I should get USD changed at the airport in Tokyo?
Is there any rate difference between Narita airport and Tokyo city? Thanks.
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Re: Sim card/wifi suggestion 2014/5/28 23:01
Thanks scarreddragon for replying to me!
Thought it will be a dead question.

"Is there a particular reason you don't want to buy a phone in Japan?"
Buying it outright is cheaper for me, than purchasing it in japan with a planned, i know i wont be calling much nor message in japan, ill mostly will use data most of the time. So going on 2 year contract will cost me more.
I think au an docomo only sells sony xperia z2 and there plan is expensive.
I dont think sony sells the phone outright, you have to purchase it at docomo or au. If sony does sell it offright at the shop i would of purchase it in japan, but when i go on sony website it always links me to docomo to purchase the phone.

"The JapanEase Domestic SIM will work in any unlocked handset, that is 3G enabled and has the 2100mhz frequency that's need to work in Japan."
The phone im getting is sony xperia z2 (d6503) its 3G Network is 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
So its looks 100% it will work for me, but im not 100% in my side untill i try it once i land in japan ! my back up plan if it doesnt work i just use if with a pocket wifi.

Thanks again scarreddragon for the reply and response !
Do you know much about mobell company ?

I purchase the unlocked phone already so the moment of truth is the day i land in japan !
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Re: Sim card/wifi suggestion 2014/5/29 06:14
The Mobell sim is good if you need it for voice ONLY, don't even think of using it for data because the charge for data is exhorbitant 2211yen/MB ! I've both disabled data and entered a bogus APN to prevent data use.

Otherwise, I've been using the Mobell sim and it's perfect for my use, which is very infrequent calling. I'm billed only when I use it, and don't have to pay for unused prepaid minutes which would otherwise expire.

One more thing to beware of though, is that you need to report the loss of you phone to Mobell immediately if it's ever lost or stolen as there is no limit your losses if it used by someone else. With a prepaid you would only lose the prepaid amount.
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Re: Sim card/wifi suggestion 2014/6/4 17:03
thanks michael ! for the details ! now im 100% im going to get it an use it ! Thanks a lot, the website looks like a scam doesnt look professional in my eyes. but now im sure ! thank to you !
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