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Building a shinto shrine 2014/6/2 02:12
I know there are guides out there for building a torii gate but are there any guides for building a smaller shinto shrine? I can't find any serious guides...

Also, are there any documentaries (japanese ones are okay too) on the repairwork or building of shrine or temple buildings?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Building a shinto shrine 2014/6/2 12:46
Matsuda Komuten of Tenri-shi, Nara-ken, is a constructor dedicated to shrines and temples.
Their website is:
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Re: Building a shinto shrine 2014/6/2 12:54
Not sure if this helps? It's more of a doco on the restoration of the Jisonin temple
There is also the Society of the Preservation of Japanese Traditional Architectural Technique which you might be able to contact. But just by the fact that this society exists, suggests finding help with this would be quite difficult.
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