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Mobile Sim Card 2014/6/3 22:58
- I am moving to Japan for 7 months at the beginning of July.

- I have an Iphone5S that is unlocked and accepts Japanese sim-cards so this is not a problem.

- I require some call functionality (not huge amounts)
- Data is necessary but could probable cope with 1gb a month.

- This seems applicable: http://www.softbank-rental.jp/e/rental-plan-ib07.php

However, I am struggling to whether this is applicable to me and what the rough cost of this would be. Can anyone help??

Most appreciated. Thanks all.
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Re: Mobile Sim Card 2014/6/4 14:49
The softbank rental plans are relatively expensive if you use any amount of data (you hit the limit after .59 mb). Instead I'd look into the bmobile voice+data sim cards or consider getting a softbank prepaid to handle phone and get a pocket wifi or subscribe to paid wifi to cover internet.
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Re: Mobile Sim Card 2014/6/4 14:49
Here's the b-mobile plans (japanese only)

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