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Timing between flights at Naha airport 2014/6/4 22:36
Hi there!

I am flying in to Naha aiport from Osaka, and then want to fly over to Miyako.

I'm not sure of the size of Naha airport, and will have to collect my luggage from the carousel then check them into the second flight.

Could anyone recommend how long I should leave between flights? I would probably give it 1.5 hours but I have no idea how big the airport is, and thus how long it will take me to get from arrivals to departures, and I've never done flight transfer myself (bags always automatically checked from flight to flight).

Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks in advance!
by STyler (guest)  

Re: Timing between flights at Naha airport 2014/6/5 22:14
90min no problem by both ways(by same air or not).
If by different air needs over 60min(by same 30min).

Naha airport not so large/wide.
blue : domestic terminal
red : international terminal

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