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Koka Ninja Village or Ninja Mansion 2014/6/8 00:28
Hello everyone,

Which one is worth visiting do you think? I will visit Iga and Koka. As there are two options in Koka, I wanted to ask your opinion. I won't have time to visit both. I heard that the Ninja Village is a bit cheesy and aimed for children. It's also more expensive. Has anyone been to the Ninja Mansion? Should I go there instead?

Ninja Village: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e7028.html

Ninja Mansion: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e7029.html

Your help would be much appreciated as I have no idea so far. :)

Thank you all,

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Re: Koka Ninja Village or Ninja Mansion 2014/6/8 11:07
I found the ninja village to be very run down. But it is out in the woods (which is nice) and offers hands-on activities that can be fun (how accessible these activities are to foreign visitors, I am not sure). You can spend quite a bit of time there exploring, walking around and possibly taking part in a hands-on experience. But it is just a theme park. Nothing authentic.

In contrast, the mansion is an authentic building that was actually used. But it is just a single building that usually does not take more time than 30 minutes to be explored.

If you are more interested in the history part of ninja, then I recommend the mansion. If you are more into the fun part of it, I recommend the village.
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Re: Koka Ninja Village or Ninja Mansion 2014/6/14 15:37
Thanks for the reply. I went to the mansion today and I enjoyed it (although everything was in Japanese).

Ninja mansion is also a little cheaper than the village I think and like you said, it's more like a museum.
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