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international calling cards? 2014/6/8 18:16
I have been to Japan many times, but next week will be my first business trip. normally I would use Skype, but Skype changed my number displaying to the receiver.

I heard that calling card is cheapest for international call in Japan. so where can I buy it and what kind? I have to make regular calls to Philippines and Indonesia, fyi.
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Re: international calling cards? 2014/6/9 08:44
you can buy a KDDI super world card at the airport or at 7-Eleven


While it is a cheaper than regular call rates, it is much more expensive than Skype.
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Re: international calling cards? 2014/6/9 15:47
if you are using smartphone, you should give Global Call app a try. They have prepaid calling cards that are sold in convenient stores and retailers. Plus, there is an on-going promotion of bonus credits and giving away pizza (http://www.globalcallevent.com/pizza_event/pizza_w/en/pizza_w.html).

And the rates are cheapest as well.
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Re: international calling cards? 2014/7/1 15:18
Hi, you can use calling cards from www.callingcards.com for all your international calls to Japan. Their call quality is pretty good and I like their rates as well. Good luck!
For Japan : http://www.callingcards.com/index_japan.asp?origsel=Japan&GUID=C1E2D95...
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