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Travel in August - relatives in Japan 2014/6/9 04:49
I am planning to visit Japan for 2 weeks in August. One of my dreams is to find my relatives in Japan. I live in Sweden and my family moved from Fukushima for many, many years ago. So all contact with Japan have been lost.
Is there anyone who knows what I can do? I don't speak japanese and I don't have any idea where to begin.
Many thanks
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Re: Travel in August - relatives in Japan 2014/6/9 10:01
Do you have any clue, such as the full names of your ancestors who moved from Japan? Possibly any written record of their Japanese nationality or home town? Do you have their original address?

If you have something like those, and can show (through some document) that you are related to them, you might be able to ask at the city hall - for that you'd need their last address or registry address in Japan at least, otherwise you will not know which city hall in Fukushima to ask at.

Also please plan to hire a professional interpreter to help with your inquiry at the city hall.

To avoid any bad surprises, it would be better if you could look up things (through private investigator or someone) before you actually visit, but I don't have any suggestion on that myself.

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Re: Travel in August - relatives in Japan 2014/6/9 11:08
Good advice from AK... also note that depending on where in Fukushima, it might be difficult or impossible to find records now. Some coastal towns were decimated and people shifted to other areas all over the country, while the records not already online were ruined. Or if they were anywhere near the exclusion zone around Fukushima's power plant. However that still leaves you a very large area of records to check, so just "from Fukushima" unfortunately isn't going to get you anywhere. The more information you can dig up, the more luck you will have with possibly finding someone.
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Re: Travel in August - relatives in Japan 2014/6/9 13:16

Just do whatever you can, and the important thing is to keep records of whatever you do.

Decades ago, my grandfather took my father to many addresses, trying to find clues about my late great grandfather who died abroad. Perhaps they had letters or postcards from those addresses.

But they didn't keep record, so no one can't do anything now to follow that search. If I knew what those addresses were, perhaps I could have done some extra search now using the internet which didn't exist back then.

I'm also wondering if you're talking about the city of Fukushima or the prefecture of Fukushima. I'm afraid that the prefecture is a very vast area that expands from the east to the west, but that doesn't mean your search is impossible.
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Re: Travel in August - relatives in Japan 2014/6/10 03:52
Thanks everybody for all information! I really appreciated it.
Unfortunately, I don't know where in Fukushima they came from and I understand that Fukushima is large.
I agree that it is very important to make records. As you said it is quite impossible to find something or someone without them. Well probably in August I will just enjoy my trip in Japan and don't thing about it. Maybe I will go to Hokkaido. I have seen some Tv-programs here about the nature there and it is wonderful. I also want to see the snow monkeys. Guess what? As I don't know about the history of my ancestry, it seems that one part of me is missing! Thanks again everybody
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Re: Travel in August - relatives in Japan 2014/6/10 11:34
No pics,letters or any evidences(story,customs,goods,job,reason of moving)?

And "Fukushima[]" in Tohoku(east north Japan) is right?
In Japan some similar sound PF/city name exsist
"Fukuoka[]" "Fukui[]" "Fukuyama[R]" "Fukuura[Y]" "Hiroshima[L]" "Yakushima[v]" "Matsushima[]" and more more.

Snow monkeys is not in Hokkaido and summer.
If want animals "Asahiyama zoo" very famous.

Anyway except Hokkaido hotter days(over 30)
and evening short heavy rain "Yuudachi[[()]"(with lightnings sometimes) a lot be careful.

Watch Fireworks(Hanabi) events very beautiful and exciting.
In Hokkaido "Kachimai hanabi taikai[ԉΑ]" in Obihiro,Tokachi is largest about 200,000 watchers coming.
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