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Business basics and more 2014/6/10 00:38
My US company has been purchased by a Japanese Company and I want to learn everything Japanese, but I am a bit overwhelmed with all current information, is there a format or approach I should consider? thanks
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Re: Business basics and more 2014/6/10 15:13
By "everything" Japanese, are you talking language? Culture? Etiquette? All three?

Starting with learning Japanese, obviously there are a lot of options. Local colleges/universities often offer language classes to part time students. You could find a course online. You could get a textbook/rosetta stone/etc. and self-study. You could find a local person who speaks Japanese and take classes with them. Etc.

For culture, there are a ton of blogs and articles on the internet, or books in the library about Japanese culture. Etiquette ties into this, but there are also plenty of publications about etiquette in and of itself, especially in business situations. So I'd start with a trip to the bookstore/library/amazon for those with a general keyword search, or do the same in google and see what pops up.
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Re: Business basics and more 2014/6/16 01:45
To become a friend with some Japanese who might be sent from your parent Japanese company is the easiest way to learn Japanese.
If you take care of that person nicely in the office and your town, he/she will surely be a good teacher for you.
He/she might also needs a local teacher.
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