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Making an Omamori 2014/6/13 17:08
I was wondering if it's okay to make your own omamori? Would it be in bad taste to make one instead of buying one? My bf is going to be going to Japan this summer and I want to make him one before he leaves to take with him.

If it's alright to make one, what should be put inside the omamori? Traditionally it's supposed to be paper or a piece of wood with a prayer on it but I've read that other miniature items (like a coin) can also be put in there?

Thank you!
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Re: Making an Omamori 2014/6/13 23:34
I don't think it's bad taste, but omamori are usually blessed by a priest or a shrine maiden, right? So maybe the better idea would be to find something small that reminds him of you, like a keychain or a phone charm, and just give it to him as a good luck charm instead. That way, you don't have to worry about making it or having it come across strangely.
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Re: Making an Omamori 2014/6/14 15:56
It's alright as long as it's a non-commercial item.
I'd rather make a "friendship bracelet" instead. It's western style Omamori.
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