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Wireless Router for Living not Traveling 2014/6/16 00:36
Hi, so just to clarify, I'm not talking about the pocket wifi. I live in Japan and I'm getting internet from Asahi, however, I just realized that it's only for the fiber-optic cable. In other words, I'll only get internet if the cable is plugged in to my computer. That means no wifi. Asahi offers to rent a wireless router around around 300 yen per month, but if you calculate that out, it's like 7200 for 2 years.

So my question is: Should I just rent the wireless router from them or should I buy a wireless router from like kakaku?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Wireless Router for Living not Traveling 2014/6/16 11:16
Do the math. How much is a wireless router to buy? Average that out between two years; is it cheaper to buy or rent? Then, are you going to be staying longer than 2 years? If so, in the long run it might be cheaper to buy. However by renting, if something is wrong with it, you can usually just send it back and get a new one, but if the one you bought breaks, you have to pay. So consider all these things and then make a decision.
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Re: Wireless Router for Living not Traveling 2014/6/16 11:39
I would recommend getting your own wifi router. Although the rental fee isn't that expensive, you can get still get one for quite a bit cheaper that is both more powerful and faster than the ones they typically rent, which are typically small and underpowered. They shouldn't cost more than 2000-3000 yen for something basic.

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Re: Wireless Router for Living not Traveling 2014/6/16 20:08
Hi there

I use this one myself (ELECOM
WRH-300RD), selling at 2.760 JPY, and with the Yodobashi 10% discount that will more look like a 2.500 JPY. It has neat coverage and I've only been satisfied with it. These products are really not likely to break, so about sending the one back that you rent and you'll get a new one for free, I dont think that is worth it.

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Re: Wireless Router for Living not Traveling 2014/6/21 01:42
Thank you all for the input. I have decided to buy my own wireless router with both the pros and cons taken into consideration. Mainly because it's cheaper in the long run and the machine is probably than the one I would get from them. As for support, I think I can manage without them. Again, thanks.
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