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(Visibly) Tattoed Girls' Life in Japan 2014/6/21 16:04
My Japanese boyfriend and me decided to marry next year.
I will stay with him in Japan then; and have some worries about tattoos.

Speaking about me, I have big, and also many not hideable large tattoos (arms, hands, chest up to lower neck etc.)

I actually still live in Europe and never got with these tattoos in trouble yet, but I heard in Japan there is a big problem with this.

Do I have to expect bad reactions from people?

And how is it about "odd" jobs, do they hire visibly tattooed people? (with odd jobs I mean, jobs like Bar staff, dancer, night club worker, kyabakura etc.)

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Re: (Visibly) Tattoed Girls' Life in Japan 2014/6/21 20:14
A great number of young women with heavy "fashion" tattoos do live a happy and fairly normal life here in Japan. But as you have assumed, there are many things you can't do.

You can't go to most if not all pools, public bath and many beaches. So many might get together at a friend's house with a pool (which is rare in Japan, but it does exist).

Either way, you should try to befriend fellow women with tattoos, and make sure they aren't related to illegal activities. By getting together you can exchange information (like places to go) and you can keep yourselves company. Needless to say, it would be easier for you to befriend those who do not have tattoos but wouldn't mind them.

You can find decent women with tattoos working at American style bars (somewhat like the Hard Rock Cafe type), Harley biker's clubs, dance clubs and apparell shops. Or we have a fair share of Goth people, if you're more comfortable on that side.

I don't think kyabakura and other "hostess" clubs hire women with heavy tattoos, because the customers are usually really ordinary men who expect really ordinary girls, or sort of.
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Re: (Visibly) Tattoed Girls' Life in Japan 2014/6/23 00:11
i agree with Uco 100% here on this one. i wouldnt wanna add my opinion on this.
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Re: (Visibly) Tattoed Girls' Life in Japan 2014/7/14 21:57
There are certain types of make up specially designed to conceal tattoos if you don't mind the trouble.

Here is a brand I came across.


Interesting video for dermablend which shows this stuff in action.

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Re: (Visibly) Tattoed Girls' Life in Japan 2014/7/22 00:13
Just accept that you will lead a marginalised life in Japan. Cause and effect. As someone mentioned if you are not a trouble maker, best to keep away from folks sporting heavy tattoos.....
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