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Japan Robot & Innovation 2014/6/24 17:52
Dear forum members,

I am very interested in technology and innovation, then I'd dream to have the opportunity to visit any place where Japan explains what they do on robots.

Do you know if it is possible to visit an university where they do research about robots ?

Do you have any idea where I could have a tour of what the company do ?

PS: I have already visit Toyota and Mazda factory so I'm looking for something a bit different if possible.

Thank you so much in advance !
by Julien V (guest)  

Re: Japan Robot & Innovation 2014/6/25 21:21
Odaiba science museum
Their exhibits focus on robots. In use and experimental
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Re: Japan Robot & Innovation 2014/6/27 17:22
Hi Julien,

I have found it impossible to visit schools unless you personally know someone there... the reason being that visits are considered formal, even if it's just a few students who want to visit the lab (in Switzerland at least, the phds would handle it, and it would be no problem. The prof might not even be there... in Japan, the two places I got to visit, the professor actually gave us a mini-lecture introducing both the university as well as the lab and their research, which we weren't even expecting...)

But yes, Odaiba science museum has really a lot to offer, and with quite technical descriptions...
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Re: Japan Robot & Innovation 2014/7/15 17:26
Dear people,
Thank you for your feedbacks.

I will try to contact some insiders from universities, and also visit Odaiba museum.

Should you have another idea, please feel free to write it down here, I'll be very happy !

And I won't miss the opportunity to tell you if I found something interesting.
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Re: Japan Robot & Innovation 2014/7/16 11:04
Advanced Institute of industrial and Technology in Tsukuba is where I went to the future.
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