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From Akasaka to Omiya 2014/6/24 23:06
We are from India & visiting Japan in the month of February.We would like to visit the Omiya Bonsai Village . Can you please guide how I can travel from Akasaka to Omiya by train in Japan ?
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Re: From Akasaka to Omiya 2014/6/25 11:35
I take it you mean the Akasaka at Tokyo?

From Akasaka take any train that leads you to Tokyo Station.
To do this you would have to take the metro Chiyoda line and then transfer to the metro Marunochi line.

At Tokyo station, take the Shinkansen to Omiya Station.
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Re: From Akasaka to Omiya 2014/6/25 11:46
Which place in Akasaka will you start from?
There are some subway stations in and around Akasaka.

Six gardens of Omiya Bonsai Village seem to be located roughly between the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum and Omiya-koen Station of Tobu.
- The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama: Access / Hours / Closed
- The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama: Map for Omiya Bonsai Village (in Japanese)

An IC transportation card (such as Suica, PASMO) can be used on each of the two routes below.
(If the travelers include a kid (roughly 6 to 12) to whom child-rate railroad fees apply, his/her personal data need to be registered when he/she gets issued a Child Suica / PASMO Card.)
Please check "Basic Use" of the following article if this is the first time for you to use an IC transportation card in Japan.

{From Tamekike-sanno Sta. / Akasaka-mitsuke Sta. to Omiya-koen Sta.}
About 1 hour 20minutes, 870 yen.
Tamekike-sanno Sta. / Akasaka-mitsuke Sta.
--[Tokyo Metro subway Ginza Line: train for Shibuya (Car No. 3): about 10 min.]--
Shibuya Sta.: Hachiko Crossing Gate
Central Gate: Shibuya Sta. of JR: (via pathway) Track 3
--[JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line: Local / Rapid/ Special Rapid train: about 35 min.]--
Omiya Sta.: Exit gate
Entrance gate: Omiya Sta. of Tobu
--[ Tobu Noda Line: Local train: within 5 min.]--
Omiya-koen Sta.

{From Akasaka Sta. to Omiya-koen Sta.}
About 1 hour 20minutes, 830 yen.
Akasaka Sta.: Track 2 (on the basement)
--[Tokyo Metro subway Chiyoda Line: Local train (Car No. 1): about 25 to 30 min.]--
Kita-senju Sta. of subway
(via escalator upward from the end, pathway, escalator upward for Tracks 1 and 2)--
Kita-senju Sta. of Tobu: Track 1 or 2 (on the ground)
--[Tobu Skytree Line: train departing at Track 1 or 2: about 30 min.]--
Track 3 or 4: Kasukabe Sta.: Track 8
--[Tobu Noda Line: Local train: about 15 min.]--
Omiya-koen Sta.

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