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How to tie a nibushiki kimono 2014/6/25 02:24

I recently visited Tokyo and I bought what I am pretty sure was a nibushiki style kimono. It's in two parts: the skirt and the top.

I was shown how to tie it but I forgot it by the time I got home. I could just tie it in some way to make it work but I want to do it properly.

Any tips?

Thank you!
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Re: How to tie a nibushiki kimono 2014/6/25 08:39
I have one! Those are so nice to wear, so easy lol. Unfortunately it's hard to explain, but if you copy+paste "着物二部式" into youtube's search function, you can find lots of videos! Although most of them are in Japanese, for nibushiki it's pretty easy to follow along. If you need some extra help with it I can try to explain...
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