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Giving Good Luck Charms? 2014/6/25 13:49
Silly question compared to the other ones, and I'm not all too sure where to categorize this, but I wanted to ask if it would be good to give a good luck/travel charm to my Japanese friend since he's always traveling!

He'll be going next week and I was thinking of getting him one. Would it be too old fashioned or laughable if I got him a charm?

by yu (guest)  

Re: Giving Good Luck Charms? 2014/6/25 18:19
I think it is a nice gift... I had a Japanese friend whose job sent him to Houston who specifically asked me to bring him some charms when I visited this year. It certainly doesn't hurt, but if you're wanting to give a gift and not sure how your friend will like the charm, how about giving him the charm plus some food, like chocolates or something?
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Re: Giving Good Luck Charms? 2014/6/25 21:31
Small good luck charms of any kind are common gifts in Japan, for casual friends. In fact, I think the best part of it is that they're "old fashioned or laughable."

It's a good way to show you care, but it won't seem too serious or too heavy. The receiptant can smile, appreciate it, and then leave it behind if (s)he doesn't really want to use it, or hang it on her/his belongings and look at it once in a while.

On the other hand, something very religous can be too much of a burden, unless you are seriously wishing for the receiptant's important stage in life.
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Re: Giving Good Luck Charms? 2014/6/27 05:57
Thank you both! I ended up giving him a tiny frog keychain after we ate lunch together and I believe he liked it!
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Re: Giving Good Luck Charms? 2014/6/28 01:57
A frog charm is a really nice gift. Frog and coming home is a homophone in Japanese (Kaeru), even though the Kanji is different. You are saying safely come home by giving the frog.

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