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Has anyone used Let's Internet pocket wifi? 2014/6/27 20:50
I'm in Japan trying to extend my visa, and I can't sign up for a long-term contract on my current visa. Let's Internet looks like the most affordable option for me, but I wanted to hear other users' experiences before I sign up.

I don't have a smart phone, so this is mostly just for home use.

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Re: Has anyone used Let's Internet pocket wifi? 2014/7/18 23:24
I've been using LetsInternetJP pocket wifi for about 3 months now. The service is very good, received it on time. The only complaint I have is related to the device battery. It has only 3-4 hours backup and I do not want to pay extra for an additional battery. Apart from that, it is good for those who cannot have a 1 yr (not sure if available) or 2 yr contract.
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Re: Has anyone used Let's Internet pocket wifi? 2014/8/6 21:38
How about these service?

CDJapan Rental Wifi

Long term WiFi rental
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Re: Has anyone used Let's Internet pocket wifi? 2014/8/15 15:03
Hi Picmeup,

May I know what model is it? GL06, GL10 or others? Because I know there is quite a difference between the speed. Also, does the 4250 yen a month include gst, or do I need to pay extra for gst? For the charge, does it come with a usb cable? Because if so I think you can just buy a portable charger, which you can keep and also use for your phones next time too.

Emi, you can consider netage.jp too, but that requires a little bit of Japanese knowledge OR Google translate/ Bing translate. I think the google and bing translate work just fine. But netage is cheaper is you're planning to stay 6 months or more: monthly charge is originally at 6k yen, 6mths contract is 4k yen a month and 12mth rental is 3k yen a mth, so it's 36k yen a year excluding gst. With their 'insurance' (which is 5184yen for a year, plus gst and 540 yen delivery fee to you, it totals to about 44604 yen a year. But they only have the GL10 model, which is the fastest and newwest emobile model anyway, so that's great.

The other websites I've found so far only offers daily rental so it's either Let's Internet or netage. I would really prefer to use Let's Internet considering my (lack of) Japanese language skills, but if Let's Internet is using a slower and older model then I would really want to go with netage.

Also on thing I'm considering with a portable wifi is that you have to ensure both router and phone are fully charge always, which i would definitely bring a portable charger for, which increases the weight.

Sorry, I seem to have gone off-track a bit, but Let's Internet is something I've been wanting to ask and I don't want to start a new thread asking the same question.

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Re: Has anyone used Let's Internet pocket wifi? 2014/8/15 16:44
OP here.

i ended up going with let's internet and i have been very happy overall with the service. i accidentally ordered the extra battery, but it comes in handy if i need to use the router away from home. i would recommend getting it.

this device came with minimal instructions, most of which were translated. it's pretty straightforward to use, and i haven't mailed it back yet, but they sent full instructions on how to do that.

i know next to nothing about tech stuff. the battery is printed with Panasonic QE-QL101.
the router itself is pretty small and light, kind of similar to an iphone but thicker, i would guess. because i use it with my laptop, i don't really mind carrying it around. though if i were using it with a smart phone i would probably find it cumbersome. i also use it cafe settings, not so much on-the-go. it takes about 30 seconds to start up every time. so, there's that to consider in terms of your usage expectation. because of short battery life, you also can't really leave it running all day.
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Re: Has anyone used Let's Internet pocket wifi? 2014/8/18 18:16
Hi OP,

Yes, it's a portable charger. You can buy one, ranging from $10+ to slightly less than 100, depending on the size, design and power. I have 1 thats about $23, 30000mAh (I think it's mAh), that can charge my iPhone 4 to 5 full rounds. I think it's more worth it if you buy it - you can charge your phones and other stuff next time, and keep it!

Ok apologies, off-topic again, but thanks (:
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