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Suits and Summer 2014/6/27 22:22

I have been to Japan several times for business and for leisure. The last time I was there for work in August, I did not wear a suit. As expected, I wasn't the odd one out or anything like that then.

However I have a problem this summer. I will be attending seminars and interviews etc. I reckon that a suit will still be mandatory for such situations? What do the locals do when they have to wear a suit in summer?

I am thinking of investing in a unlined open weave suit just for summer but am looking for suggestions on what I can do to keep myself from burning up...
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Re: Suits and Summer 2014/6/28 10:28
Find a nice lightweight suit and prepare to sweat!
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Re: Suits and Summer 2014/6/28 11:45
It normally summer type suits can be worn during the summer season, which much cooler than winter suits
If you need to attend formal sessions, wear a long sleeve shirt, tie, and take jacket with you. Wear the jacket before you go into the place or bldg etc. If the organizer or any person who in charges the session ask you to take off the jacket do so(they normally say so). Unless that, it's informal not take jacket and tie with you include weddings and funerals.
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Re: Suits and Summer 2014/6/29 10:24
There has been a move over the past few years to change the approach to clothing in summer CoolBiz I think it is called. It is based on trying to be ecofriendly and not have aircon set too cold and to wear comfortable clothing to work.I notice that it is catching on with younger business men wearing dress trousers and short sleeved open neck shirts, minus ties.
However if you are going to interviews then I think it still calls for lighterweight suit, lighter cotton shirt and tie, and carry jacket, and slip it on once you are in the building's aircon.
For seminars though, you should contact your Japanese company and ask, as maybe dress trousers and short sleeve business shirt would be ok. Buy some of those alcohol wipes for men with a masculine fragrance, and cool yourself down just before heading to your appointment. The heat is also a test to the strength of your deodorant, but it amazes me how nobody ever seems to smell of BO when they certainly do in other countries I visit!
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Re: Suits and Summer 2014/6/29 23:08
I'm a self-employed woman, so I may be wrong, but the media tells me that more office workers are riding bicycles for health these days, and they would change their clothes at their destination.

You're probably aware that once you get to a train station, you've got harsh air-conditioning all the way. So perhaps, carrying your suit up to a certain place can be a good option depending on your preference.

For example, it has always been common to change to your black suit after business hours when you need to attend a funeral. Carrying a suit around is not unusual.

Meanwhile, underwear (shirt and pants) made from special summer-friendly fabric is commonly sold to keep you cool by absorbing your sweat. The Japanese also commonly carry a handkerchief to wipe their sweat.
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Re: Suits and Summer 2014/6/30 08:06
Thanks all for the comments.

I will be getting my new summer suit in 2 weeks but looks like I have to find a lighter shirt too and probably just carry my jacket and how it doesn't go out of shape.

Thanks for the reminder of the deodorant. Have to look into that.

As for the alcohol wipes (?), is it something like "baby wipes" or "wet tissue"?

I read somewhere else to bring freeze packs in a towel too.
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Re: Suits and Summer 2014/6/30 13:43
The alcohol wipes I mentioned are similar to wet tissues, but are specially made for men, and seem to be available more often in the Japanese summer. One brand I recall is Gatsby and most pharmacies carry a range. The convenience stores sometimes have them, as do the small kiosks at the station, but best selection is at a pharmacy.
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Re: Suits and Summer 2014/6/30 16:58
Also, remember to wear and extra white t-shirt to avoid having your white shirt stuck to your body with sweat. You can try some of the uniqlo quick dry AIRISM t-shirts:
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Re: Suits and Summer 2014/6/30 22:59
You can also carry your suit or jacket in the suit bag they give you when you buy a suit, or you can simply put it in your business bag designed for it, but a lot of modern fabrics are wrinkle-free. Ask for "kei-jou-ki-oku" (shape-memory or stay-press). Stay-press shirts are totally washable in your washing machine with no need of ironing, and washable suits are also available.
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Re: Suits and Summer 2014/6/30 23:50
Thanks again people.

Will definitely check out the alcohol wipes and a undershirt.

As for 形状記憶 shirts and suits, I think that it will take a little time for me to find something suitable so I will shelve them in KIV for now.
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