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SIM card rental for iPhone 5 2014/6/28 09:37
Hi all,

I'll be living and working in Niigata prefecture this summer for about 7 weeks. I'd like to rent a SIM card for my unlocked iPhone 5 at Narita or elsewhere.

Softbank says that they will rent 1,550 yen / day for unlimited. It doesn't say anything about iPhone 5, nor does it offer any other pricing structure other than unlimited data. I don't need that much.

Can anyone suggest a SIM card rental option that works for them in Japan for iPhone 5 that is cheaper than 1,550 for unlimited data?

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Re: SIM card rental for iPhone 5 2014/6/30 09:34
for non-residence, temporary visitor your only option for cheap data card will be:-

1. b-mobile
AA.) visitor sim plan (3,791yen)can extend usage by credit card.No activation require.
i) 1 GB plan ( best effort speed/14days) or
ii) 14 days unlimited (upto 300kbps)

BB.) b-mobile3G4G/1GB Prepaid (3,310yen).
Activation required using local japan mobile phone or pay another 2,381 yen
1GB data SIM card for 30 days, can top-up by credit card.
**you will need **

2. econnect (4,100yen)no activation.
upto 30 days. Choose either 1GB data or unlimited data(300kbps)
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Re: SIM card rental for iPhone 5 2014/7/3 02:38
I wanted to add my two cents as well. You can also go to Bic Camera and get a SIM card for your phone. You pay for the SIM card and can top off with more. It cost me about 7000 for 2.5 gigs of data. Prepaid. IPhone 5s. If you need SMS or voice the price will differ.
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Prepaid LTE SIM by So-net 2014/7/5 08:22
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Re: SIM card rental for iPhone 5 2014/8/6 10:22
7 weeks.

I recommend to rent a sim card.
there some cheap rental service.

they provide sim card holder to save your sim card safe

you can create original plan

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