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Smudged passport photo 2014/7/3 16:06
I hold an Australian passport and I just spent 2 weeks in Japan and then flew to America directly. I am currently in Las Vegas and I have been carrying my passport (digital one) in those pouch which you carry under your top. It was very hot in Las Vegas the last few days and I just realised that my sweat has gone through the pouch and smudged my passport photo. The whole image is fade out but the rest of the info are all intact and readable.

I will be flying back to Japan in 15 days to stay for a week. Will I be rejected for entry? I also have a picture of the passport photo page (before smudged) on my smart phone which show my photo clearly, will that help?

I will go to New York next week and the Australian embassy website said that I can replace my passport in the New York office, however it will take at least 10 days. And I am only staying there for 6 days.

I am so so so worry -_- Any advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Smudged passport photo 2014/7/3 20:03
Will I be rejected for entry?

You're jumping ahead. Will you be able to depart the US with your passport? My guess is no.

Why don't you contact the Australian embassy. I bet they can give you an "emergency" passport.
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Re: Smudged passport photo 2014/7/3 21:59
How badly has the image "faded out"?

As far as Japanese Immigration is concerned, if the photo is so badly damaged that you are not recognizable, that could become a reason for rejection - I mean, it no longer serves as an ID.

But I would first check with your own embassy in NY to see what they think. At least it needs to serve as an ID for you to leave the US and head back home, or you might have to stay a bit longer in NY to have one re-issued after all.
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Re: Smudged passport photo 2014/7/4 15:07
Thanks for the reply everyone. I spoke to New York consulate and they advised that they can give an emergency passport within 2 days, valid for 7 months. And I checked on the internet, japan do accept emergency passport for entrance.

I am leaving Vegas today to Orlando for 3 days, and then will arrive New York next Monday. I will go to their office first thing I arrive to organise the emergency passport. I just hope the domestic flight won't be too strict on my smudged passport photo for id purpose.
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