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Japanese Birth Certificate for UK passport? 2014/7/14 12:21
Just wondering if anyone has information on this. My son is three months old and I'm in the process of applying for a British passport (I'm from the UK, his Dad is Japanese and he was born in Japan). We need to get a translation of his birth certificate for his UK passport application, but I don't have one as he was just added to my husband's family register using the form given to us at the hospital, which we submitted to the city office. I'm aware that I can get register his birth with in the UK and obtain a certificate, but the passport site says that this isn't necessary if you have a translated version of the birth certificate.

Does anyone know what Japanese document we need to get translated for the passport application? Is a translated copy of the family register enough?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Japanese Birth Certificate for UK passport? 2014/7/14 23:35
UK registration isn't necessary, but is recommended as can make things much easier in future for a number of things.

You can get a certificate of consular registration from the British Embassy with a koseki copy,and your long form UK birth certificate and British passport. The certificate looks exactly like a UK birth certificate and is entered into the UK registry system (eventually); it is as good as a UK birth certificate and can be used for passport applications without translation. Also means you don't have to supply additional documentation to support the passport application. Apparently it will makes passport applications much faster (particularly important for the moment as non-UK applications are sitting in boxes in Liverpool unprocessed for months).

This birth registration also allows you to use your surname rather than the father's if you want and add middle names, which may appeal to you.
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