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Android users' groups around Tokyo? 2014/7/16 14:57
Got a new Galaxy last month and still wrestling with the details, so wondering if there are any good Android users' groups meeting around Tokyo?

Latest questions are about the kitkat upgrade (to 4.4.2), where the most visible differences are in the location controls and the dialer. However, there are lots of little glitches and I've already leaned a number of tricks that might be worth sharing. I'm also interested in interesting new apps...
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Re: Android users' groups around Tokyo? 2014/7/18 18:20
I don't know if there are like formal groups but Android is pretty common in Japan now. iPhone are still most of the market but Android phones have a nice market share as well now. My best guess would be to look for a Japanese forum about Android or contact independent Japanese Android developers (because there must be some).
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Re: Android users' groups around Tokyo? 2014/7/22 16:24
Well, I want to say thanks, but there wasn't any actionable information there. I guess I should apologize for not saying that I had already tried those approaches. Some of the lack of success may be due to my limited Japanese skills, especially in picking the right words for searching.

BTW, I doubt that iPhone is that dominant, but of course it depends on how you figure things and which users you consider. Among certain groups of young women, the iPhone clearly rulz, but I think that's more of a fashion statement...

Still looking for local gatherings of Android users... Or along the weird ideas line, a Docomo shop where the manager would encourage the waiting customers to talk among each other. I think we could solve many of our usage-related problems without taking any staff time.
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Re: Android users' groups around Tokyo? 2014/7/22 16:42
Reports put the iphone peak market share around 70% of smartphone sales, and around 35% percent of the overall market. I would call that pretty dominant.
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Re: Android users' groups around Tokyo? 2014/12/11 23:15

There's one for Android Developers.
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