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Omikuji translation 2014/7/19 08:25
How long is Omikuji good for? Could someone translate these for me?


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Re: Omikuji translation 2014/7/19 13:55
掵\ g
No.72, good fortune


take care of well-being of your family

flowers and fruits are not branching
(keep a happy home)


after the bitter winter


things will take a turn for the better
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Re: Omikuji translation 2014/7/19 16:00
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Re: Omikuji translation 2014/7/19 22:03
the second one.
this is omikuji for love and marriage.
if you wait until someone may come close to you, you may lose your chance. Utilize any opportunities, friends, parties,etc.
if you are in love now, contact him/her frequently.
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Re: Omikuji translation 2014/7/19 22:38
translation by ajapaneseboy is only the first part.
the rest is like that:
the beginning is bad, but it gradually getting better. when you are in bad situation, you should be patient. otherwise, you make big mistakes and lose the future lucky. keep being religious, and wait until (good) time has come.
happy things - in the beginning you may not be expected, but you will have good chances in future.
diseases - it may take a long time to cure, it is important to take good care of yourself in the beginning.
waiting persons - they may come in late.
lawsuit - you may get wins after it takes for a time.
your hope - you may get 70%.
lost things - may difficult to find. you may find out next spring.
houses - making a new house and moving are 50% lucky. if possible, wait next time.
travels - lucky and unlucky is 50% and 50%. it is better to travel with caution.
business - if you hurry up in business, it will be not good.
study - in unhappy time, you should be patient. constant study is necessary. it will be getting better gradually.
love - you may have some quarrel with your family. you should argue with them calmly. then you will have a happy future.
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