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Gift giving to our son's bosses 2014/8/12 21:27
We are visiting our son who is living in Japan for a year. We will be going out to lunch with his bosses. I know that gift giving is an important part of Japanese culture. Should we being gifts for them at lunch? If so, what would be appropriate.
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Re: Gift giving to our son's bosses 2014/8/13 12:24
It's not necessary, unless he lives in his boss' house.
But if you want, something related to your family or country is best.
Sweets, drinks, fruits or small local products.
Not expensive but good quality is appropriate.
Around 3,000-5,000 yen, I think?
By the way, in Japan, people often buy gift at the basement floors of the department stores.
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Re: Gift giving to our son's bosses 2014/8/13 12:47
A box of chocolate(except Summer season), cookies, candy, leaf tea etc worth $20-30.
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Re: Gift giving to our son's bosses 2014/8/13 17:31
Actually, $20-30 sounds over the top to me. But then, it's not common for bosses to go out with employees' parents, in the first place.

If your son is a young student and the bosses are for his part-time job, that's another story, but grown workers as supposed to be independant from their parents. Parents usually don't give gifts to son's bosses.

That said, gifts worth less than 15 USD can be a nice gesture yet not a burden to the receiptants. Otherwise, the father of the son paying for everyone's meals is a smart way to host them. Or if the bosses end up paying for you, you may want to suggest another place for tea or drinks, so that you can take turns in paying.

This is just my opinion though.
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