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Kumamoto to Kurokawa Onsen 2014/8/25 11:37
I am trying to understand this bus schedule:


It says ‹ãB‰¡’fƒoƒXŽž•\y•½“y“új‹¤’ʁz@ŒF–{Ë•Ê•{@1E3E5E7†@@2014”N4ŒŽ1“úŒ»Ý

which google translates as "flat sat, sun, holidays" does this mean it is always the same schedule, that there is a different weekend schedule or that there is no service on those days?
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Re: Kumamoto to Kurokawa Onsen 2014/8/25 14:27
Google translate doesn't handle abbreviations very well. It means that the buses are the same on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, basically everyday has the same schedule.
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Re: Kumamoto to Kurokawa Onsen 2014/8/25 19:34
"Flat" = weekdays :) so this is a timetable that is common to all of "weekdays, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays."
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Re: Kumamoto to Kurokawa Onsen 2014/8/26 12:22
•½[hei] means •½“ú[hei-jitsu] : weekday[Mon to Fri]
Most timetables using •½“ú(no short) usual.
“y[do] means “y—j“ú[do-you-bi] : Sat
“ú[nichi] means “ú—j“ú[Nichi-you-0bi] FSun
j[syuku] means j“ú[syuku-jitsu] : National holidays
‹¤’Ê[kyotsuu] means same/no change.

And some timetables using “y‹x“ú[do-kyu-jitsu] usual.
This “y means Sat
‹x“ú means Sun/National holidays both.

‰^“](“ú)[un-ten(-bi)] means operating (-day)
‰^‹x[un-kyu] means no operating [‹x,¦,š]mark with a lot.
—ÕŽž[rin-ji] means seasonal operate as not regular.

However, Google translate is not wrong :D
•½[taira/as kun yomi] means "flat" is right.
Just •½ has some different meanings.
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