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Where can I get my laptop repaired in Japan? 2014/8/26 05:16
After so much troubleshooting I'm 90% sure the fault with mine is hardware related and it's the headphone jack. The switch inside still thinks a pair of headphones are connected, thus wont produced sound from my speakers.

I want to explain this to someone in Japan, who'll then check it, dislodge the problem/connector or replace the jack completely; all done within a day etc

Do chain stores like this exist? In Nagoya?

If not, which places can I go where they'll inevitably send it off and the whole process takes like 3 weeks.. ? Sofmap?

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Where can I get my laptop repaired in Japan? 2014/8/26 21:15
if you bought your computer in Japan, the manufacturer will repair it.
generally,a headphone jack are connected directly to a motherboard. if you ask a repair, the manufacturer will replace the motherboard. it will be expensive.

another option is to buy a USB-connecting speaker like this.
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