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How to give money? 2014/8/30 03:00
I will be staying with a host family for a couple of weeks and have already paid my deposit online.

When I actually meet the host family, I need to pay the rest of the fee. I'm just wondering how to do it?

Do I have to put it in a special envelope or something like that? What if the notes I have aren't as crisp or clean?

Also, what value of a gift is appropriate to give, and do I give it when I meet them, or after they stay is finished.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.
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Re: How to give money? 2014/8/30 11:12
A regular envelope is fine, and don't worry about the bills.

Give the gift when you first meet them.
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Re: How to give money? 2014/8/30 14:32
just buy food or fruits and give it after you buy it so it's fresh.
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