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Which carrier offers sim free phones? 2014/9/1 21:41
hello all,
i am soon moving to japan on a student visa and wanted to know which company offers a sim free phones or anyway if there are any carrier who offers only internet contract.

thank you in advance for your support.

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Re: Which carrier offers sim free phones? 2014/9/2 13:02
Do you mean to buy a phone and then intend to bring it back to use in your home country after Japan? If so then look at Docomo. They'll unlock all of their phones for a small fee. Softbank also unlocks their phones except for the iphone.

There are carriers that offer internet only contracts. What are you looking for? A data sim or a mobile wifi hotspot?
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Re: Which carrier offers sim free phones? 2014/9/2 20:13
thank you for your reply.
yes that is the intention, buy a phone, and then use back to my country. was planning for the new iphone6.

actually i am searching for a only internet plan, considering everyone nowadays use many apps form ims as line or skype i think i don't need any phone or sms plan. just internet. thank you in advance (^_^)
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Re: Which carrier offers sim free phones? 2014/9/3 09:41
In that case you're probably best off getting an unlocked phone from someone other than a carrier and then just use it with a data sim. Unlocked iphones are something like 60,000-80,000 yen and then data plans are relatively cheap depending on what types of service you need. The hardest part will be figuring out a phone service to use. Line might be a passable substitute but its rather buggy. Skype may work too, but now you're starting to approach the price of a data+voice sim.

Also consider getting a bmobile data+voice sim. They are pretty competitively priced:

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