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Can i record video in Japan? 2014/9/14 20:56
Ok so i'm really hoping work give me the time off so i can come to Japan in August 2015.

I just want to know if i'm allowed to record some footage
i.e - When i get off the plain, some of thr sights and activites i do.

But ive done told i need a permit? Is this true?

Thanks in advance
by Sean (guest)  

Re: Can i record video in Japan? 2014/9/15 11:40
It depends on the location, your purpose and on the size of the camera. If it is for the personal purpose of recording your private sightseeing, then a permit is generally not required and you can film wherever there are no signs prohibiting photography, keeping general manners in mind, e.g. not filming strangers in a blatant way.

If the purpose is of commercial nature, you will need a permit in most privately own places.

Likewise, if you are filming with a large-sized camera (larger than the usual amateur and semi-professional cameras), a permit is required in a lot of places, even some public parks.
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Re: Can i record video in Japan? 2014/9/15 17:42
Thanks for the reply Uji.

Ive got a really small hand held camera, it's a 'Contour Roam HD' it'll fit in your pocket.
The purpose is for personal use, i just want to record my visit, i.e when im flying into Japan, landing, night time lights, a couple of activities (if i play some football or something), take a few pictures of the hotel we stay in stuff like that, nothing that will bother anyone else :)

Just looking to make the most of my trip as ive always wanted to go there
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Re: Can i record video in Japan? 2014/9/16 18:15
Just make normal use of your camera and use common sense.
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