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Travelling around Jozankei 2014/9/20 22:02

I will be travelling to Jozankei for a day trip on 27 Sept Saturday. I have a few questions:

1) Where can I book a private onsen? I have tried emailing Furukawa but no replies at all...

2) Which bus stop should I alight for the Jozankei walking trail (Futami park,Futami suspension bridge) if I am travelling from Sapporo station?

3) Which bus stop should I take from Jozankei to reach Houheikyou dam bus stop? I read there is shuttle buses in Sept but I am not sure where to take it from.

4) What is the discharge timing of the dam? I would really like to be there when it discharges the water as I believe it would be a sight to see!

Hope anyone can help even if you don't know all the answer! Many thanks in advance!!
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Re: Travelling around Jozankei 2014/9/23 16:52
I live in Hokkaido. Welcome!
I hope that can be of some use to your travel plan.

1)I think that it was full of reservations or some trouble happens.
If you can make a phone call to hotel, you should do it.

2)Sorry I don't know because I have never been there.

3) If you'll stay "Furukawa", "Jozankei Yunomachi" is near the bus stop.
You can go to Hoheikyou dam from here.
The bus called "Kappa liner(かっぱライナー号)" or "Kaisoku7(快速7)", both OK.

4) It's usually hold at 9:00-16:00.

I'll go to Jozankei Onsen next month.
Have a nice trip.
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Re: Travelling around Jozankei 2014/9/23 16:59
Are you trying to reserve the private room for onsen (the 50 minutes) without staying at Furukawa?

Or were you trying to book a room with private onsen?
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Re: Travelling around Jozankei 2014/9/23 19:33
Hi all!

Many thanks for your suggestion! Now I know which bus to take to hoheikyo dam :)

I will only be going jozankei for a day trip so I'm looking at booking one for 50mins at any of the onsen hotels.

Hope u can help!
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Re: Travelling around Jozankei 2014/9/23 20:04
I'm under the impression you will be required to reserve through phone for this, I was not able to find anything on their website on reservation online..
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