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Getting married, possibly moving, to Japan? 2014/9/22 02:04
Long story short, my fiancé is an EM2 in the Navy and is stationed at the USS George Washington in Yokosuka, Japan. He will be in Virginia of November of 2015 as per orders. We decided the easier option would be to wait it out and get married when he comes back to the states, but after him being in Japan for awhile and me stuck in South Carolina, we've both realized that we made a mistake. We would both rather have me in Japan.

I'm looking for someone to just give me a few answers rather than be a mentor. I want the black and white so I can weigh out my options.

I'm hoping to visit in December after his ship gets back from deployment. We would be legally married in Japan and have a ceremony in the states. I've read online at the embassy website as to how to get legally married in Japan and I got that. Thing is, command sponsorship. What does the Navy weigh into options when considering command sponsorship? And how long does the process take to be accepted? I'm also a reservist in the USAF. My options are either accepting a bad year by doing no-pay no-points for 6 months or temporarily changing commands, but that would seem like a silly idea considering it's only for 6 months. Maybe they'll allow me to TDY in Japan? My AFSC has a reserve unit in Okinawa.
What happens if I don't get command sponsorship, do I need it to live their or does it just make it easier? My fiancé is an E5 so he is allowed to live off base, but id imagine I could live on base anyways because I'm enlisted as well.
Last question, quarantining a dog. If I got the ducks in order to take my dog over there, do you quarantine the dog in your own home? Or do they go to a facility? Whats the process like?

I know it's a lot, so I'm sorry for that. I honestly just want the out of the book answers rather than opinions being thrown in. I realize it's easier to stay home, but I want to truly know the process before I make a decision.

Thank you so much!
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Re: Getting married, possibly moving, to Japan? 2014/9/23 05:40
I'll reply to move your post back to the top.

The only thing I can say is that I hope that, when you say you will be married legally in Japan, you mean that you will be married in the US base by a chaplain, or whoever is allowed to do legal US marriages in the base.

If you were legally married in Japan (in the nearest city hall office, churches aren't involved) your marriage would follow the Japanese laws.
They are--obviously--different from the US ones, especially when it came to children, divorce etc. etc.

The same thing would be true if your married legally in France, Italy, the UK etc. in other words anywhere outside the USA.
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Re: Getting married, possibly moving, to Japan? 2016/9/2 16:05
I'm really curious to what happened. My soon to be wife is stationed in Yokosuka Japan and they said I could drill on base because I'm a reserve Navy Corpsman. She's only an E-3 so she can't live off base yet but I was wondering if I could live on base and work on base during her time there or do I need a visa to live off base? We've been together for a year now. We plan on doing marriage by proxy so we don't have to get married in Japan. Any information would be amazing
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