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The Yokote Kamakura Festival 2015 2014/9/28 18:56

I plan to visit the Yokote Kamakura Festival 2015 on 16th Feb 2015.
Could you tell me what time they will light a candle in the igloo?

And where can I see view like the picture named 'Sea of small kamakura along Yokote River' in this link?
Is it far from the Yokote station?

I plan to be back to Tokyo that night. It seemed that I have to reach Yokote station around 5.30PM, for reaching Tokyo around 10PM.

Many Thanks in advance.
by hikari_z (guest)  

Re: The Yokote Kamakura Festival 2015 2014/9/29 01:19
It would be a problem if you have to leave Yokote by 17.30. Light-up does not officially start till 18.00 although we did see some when we started our walk around 17.30. We didn't go to the river site but interestingly the following link says those small kamakura huts there were lighted up earlier and could be seen at 16.00 during this year festival. Note that huts there are tiny and you cannot get inside.

The river site is about 16 min walk to and from the JR station but do prepare for a longer walk since you will be walking on snow.

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Re: The Yokote Kamakura Festival 2015 2014/9/29 11:35
Thank you very much @William5 for your information.

Maybe it would be great if I will look for the residence near Omagari for that night.
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