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Arita vs. Kami-Arita Station 2014/9/28 22:41
I read that most pottery shops are around Kami-Arita station but the JR office can only make reservations to Arita Station. How can we use the JR train to get to Kami-Arita? How far are these stations apart?
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Re: Arita vs. Kami-Arita Station 2014/9/29 12:18
From Hyperdia I think the JR Line is the JR Sasebo Line
Ifm not sure reservations can be made on that line anyway.
Kamiarita is only 4 minutes further on from Arita: just stay on the train.
Good luck!
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Re: Arita vs. Kami-Arita Station 2014/9/29 17:16
Sorry, I seem to have got that very wrong: you CAN reserve seats to Arita from other places:
However the JR Sasebo line is infrequent: about 1 per hour
JR Sasebo Line 05:51 05:54
JR Sasebo Line 06:32 06:35
JR Sasebo Line 07:08 07:11
JR Sasebo Line 08:06 08:09
JR Sasebo Line 09:31 09:34
JR Sasebo Line 10:50 10:54
JR Sasebo Line 12:49 12:52
JR Sasebo Line 14:46 14:49
JR Sasebo Line 15:45 15:49
JR Sasebo Line 16:48 16:51
JR Sasebo Line 17:46 17:49
JR Sasebo Line 18:39 18:43
JR Sasebo Line 19:46 19:49
JR Sasebo Line 20:42 20:46
JR Sasebo Line 21:54 21:58
Apologies for previous mis-information :-(
Unless the Ltd Exp Midori reservation can organised to arrive in time to allow a transfer you may be better off walking between the 2 stations, or travelling a different route.
use www.hyperdia.com to put in your departure station and see the other options. You can always travel another way to KamiArita, walk between the 2, and depart from Imari back to your stating point.
Apologies, good luck and enjoy.
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