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what do Japanese like about Turkey 2014/9/29 21:38
Hi everyone,
I live in Turkey and I have 3 japanese and 1 Korean guests for the week and i want to give each of them something as a reminder of their visit. They are 2 men and 2 women, aged 22 to 29. I couldn't find a Korean website that i can ask but he also lives in Japan. I wonder if any of you ever had been to Turkey and can suggest me something they would like. Also i'm a student and don't have much money so i won't be able to buy expensive stuff. I just want to make a gift basket for each of them. Thanks a lot in advance.
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Re: what do Japanese like about Turkey 2014/10/1 12:08
I'm not Japanese, but when I went to Istanbul this year, I brought a lot of gifts back for people in Japan. Turkish delights are very famous, and I think its the store called Koska (or something similar) in Taksim that is very very famous even here. I'm not sure where in Turkey you live, but small boxes of Turkish delights went over very well with my Japanese friends. However some said the rose-flavored ones were too strong tasting. I think maybe the nut-varieties like pistachio will go over better. (My favorite were the pomegranate-pistachio mix ;p) I got a box of small candies at Koska to give away in bulk as well... they are very herb-tasting, in white packaging. I didn't like them much, and it was very 50/50... some people liked them a lot, others really didn't. So maybe skip those.

Little pots of honey from my hotel breakfasts were also really, really good. I wish I could have taken home the honeycombs, but the pots were good. We ended up keeping most for ourselves, but people really liked them when we did gift them!

Also for the ladies, I did get rose soaps and they were very excited for them. They liked the subtle smelling ones, so not so strong. I think perfumes are too strong for many in Japan, but the light-smelling soaps are good. And for my mom and sister I got the rough turkish bath scrubber, and they liked that as well. Wish I'd brought back more soap lol!

Finally I got the blue eye charms so people could use them on their phones or bags, and people liked those, especially the younger people. Some of my friends still use them!

Anyway, I think whatever you get them will be much appreciated, but a good mix would be one food item and one not-food item.

Ahhh, I want to visit again!
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Re: what do Japanese like about Turkey 2014/10/1 22:53
Appreciate the long answer, gave me really good ideas. Thanks a lot.
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