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Need info about Japanese laptop 2014/10/2 22:25
Hello everyone. i need some info about the laptop stated in title of this thread (if you cant see it "Gateway NV52L-F48D/GK"). as its a laptop available for Japan i want to know that:
1. how good is its battery life ?
2. how good is its built-in speaker performance ?
3: wifi performance ?
4: how much it is durable and how good is its quality ?

im interested in this laptop. Thanks in advance for the answers.
by panjgoori  

Re: Need info about Japanese laptop 2014/10/4 21:37
As for point 1, what do you intend to run on it? The battery life is typically quite different if you're gaming or if you're using a browser or word processor.
Battery life for this laptop is listed as 5 hours, but if you would like to use a brighter screen when not connected to the power or use the disk or CD/DVD a bit, it can be quite a bit shorter.
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Re: Need info about Japanese laptop 2014/10/14 17:25
Hi, correct me if I'm wrong..

These are the specs for your laptop..
A10-4600M 2.30GHz
8GB Memory
Windows 8
Battery : 5hrs
Weight : 2.6kg

@1 I think 5 hours is good enough.
@2 I'm not sure about the built-in speaker performance because I never had a gateway laptop
@3 Wifi performance, no idea sorry.
@4 Depending on the usage, I can assure that this is a good-enough laptop. PThe processor speed has at least 2+ GHZ, and you have a bigger memory than most laptops.

Not sure if this helps but, there we go. xD
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Re: Need info about Japanese laptop 2014/10/14 18:12
I'm sure you got enough info about the specs over at tom's hardware, but so far no one has mentioned the issues with japanese keyboard and OS. Either of those issues should be carefully weighed before purchasing a Japanese laptop.
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